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A Guide to Miami

Hi! We are Josh and Melissa and this is our very first blog post! With both of us born and raised in South Florida, we’ve come to know Miami intimately, and we felt it was time we impart some of what we have learned. We hope to use our blog as a platform to share tips, tricks, and suggestions to travelers and even locals looking for something new!

Valencia Film is a young business with room to expand; our main current offerings are PhotoTours of Wynwood, Miami Design District, Miami Beach, Key Biscayne, and Brickell, but we hope to slowly expand our available locations as our business grows. We don’t believe in boring ol’ studio photoshoots; we believe the best pictures are those taken under the sun. Our goal is to give you not only beautiful pictures, but to give you an entire model experience that is exciting, effortless, and allows you to see Miami through a new lens!

Over the next few weeks we will be coming out with our first series of posts called “A Day in Miami.” This collection of posts will cater to the traveler with not a lot of time, but wanting to see as much as they can. Each post will include a three to five hour itinerary focusing on a different Miami district and our top picks for what to do, see, and even eat.

We hope you find some new knowledge from our blog!

With Love,

Josh & Melissa

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